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Cowboy Containments Inc is a distributor of the Poly Wall modular, portable containment design. The systems come in heights of 1’ Poly Wall, 2’ Poly Wall, 3‘Poly Wall and 4’ Poly Wall. The system components are easily stacked for simple transportation and storage. The secondary containment system sets up quickly and easily without the need for special tools or lifting equipment.

The system does not to be secured to the substrate, so it is perfect for long term or temporary use in

The Poly wall strut – the system’s building block.

The modular design is the key to the secondary containment system. This allows for a simple and fast install. The system is strong enough to withstand major spills. Each interlocking joint is secured with a Locking Connector integrated directly within the wall strut. This joining system ensures high structural strength with minimal installation effort.

Once the walls are set install the Cowboy Containment LLDPE 45 Mil Liner which is rolled out and draped over the wall struts. Securing the liner in place with the innovative Liner Locks finishes set-up of a non-porous, spill containment system without damaging the liner.

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