2' Poly Wall Corner Section

2' Poly Wall Corner Section

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PURPOSE: POLY DIKE is designed to be used as secondary containment for liquid and solid products that are considered to be harmful to the environment if leaked from their primary containment device. Applications include chemical storage tanks, hazardous material work areas, process waste treatment sites, rainwater runoff diking or similar applications.

SCOPE: This product specification covers materials, construction and workmanship, physical properties, chemical resistance and methods of testing.

MATERIAL: The Poly Dike MPE is roto-molded from ExxonMobil LLDPE 8555 resin. LL 8555 is a linear low density hexane copolymer designed to offer superior process-ability, excellent dimensional control, whiteness and low warpage. This resin is ideally suited for applications that require excellent surface appearance and the optimum balance of ESCR, toughness and stiffness properties.

STRUCTURE: All wall and corner components are manufactured to strict industry standards for consistency and quality. UV-4 stabilizer is included in the resin used to manufacture this product.

INCLUDES: 1 liner lock and 1 locking post

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